Flooring Installation and Home Renovations

Installation Services

We specialize in flooring installation. With 28 years of experience, chose the best to take care of your flooring needs. From carpet to laminate, our installers will take precise measurements and have the most flush fitment you can imagine. Leave it for the professionals at EMP.


Services available for Commercial and Residential customers


We can provide you with the flooring to choose from. We have access to wholesalers and a wide variety of  floors to choose from at competitive prices!


Hardwood has a beautiful finish and will add value to your home. Not everyone can install hardwood with precision and accuracy, but that is no problem for us.


Carpet installation is a specialty, for commercial and residential.


Laminate flooring simulates wood with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer. Very durable, and looks stunning.


We take care of a lot more such as floor tiles, bathroom tiles, backsplash, stone walls and more!

EMP flooring is the right choice.

Customer Satisfaction

We don’t leave a job until a customer is happy. We make sure our install is up to par with the customers standards as well as our own standards!


EMP focuses on quality. Our installs require precision and detail. We hold our standards high.


Reliability is key. We have the experience and skill needed to keep your mind clear. Have no worries when you work with us.



EMP has been around for 28 years. We have the experience that you can count on. Based out of Toronto, we have a proven track record and have installed all kinds of floors in buildings, offices, churches, homes, and more. Our professional installers have the skills and experience to minimize error. Experience counts!


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